My interest in the arts, specifically graphic design, developed early in life. I moved to Los Angeles from Mexico City, where art was prevalent in everyday life, at the age of ten. I soon found this to be true of the city of angels; I’ve since been fascinated by L.A.’s unbridled creativity, its ubiquitous billboards, hyper-designed bus signage and immense sprawling graffiti art.

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Hernandez Artesania is a design case study that illustrates how design practices can help promote indigenous culture and how cultural capital can empower an individual's sense of identity while improving their economic outcome.

The objective of this project was to create a sustainable brand identity (and marketing strategy) for the Hernandez family, a multi-generational artisan household in San Juan Chamula. This included creating a visual identity and a web marketing and online sales platform for the Hernandez family and their work. This brand model is based on ethical practices in design, analysis of quantitative research, social responsibility in consumer-driven design projects, and branding strategies for small businesses.

The outcome of this study provided insights into indigenous entrepreneurship in the age of modern online shopping and fast fashion. The end goal was to pursue a small business strategy that helps gain a successful online presence for the Hernandez family.

*Click here to access the Hernandez Artesania website


Village Archives is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit multimedia imprint comprised of various field recording projects, ranging from music to personal narratives, social and political commentary, and environmental sounds. Village Archives utilizes modern technology and new media formats to capture and share snapshots of these modern times with as wide a lens as possible.
Collaborated on Pinotepa Nacional Project. Designed, layout, and translation of liner notes from English to Spanish.